Thursday, November 20, 2014

Superhero ABCs - Can You Identify All 26 Iconic Comic Book Crotches?!

Indie comic book publisher Michael McAdam recently came up with a brilliant idea: Superhero ABCs,  a poster full of iconic comic book character crotches in alphabetical order. McAdam runs Canada's Two Gargoyles Comics. For those unfamiliar, Two Gargoyles produces smaller awesome titles such as Thunder (Half Canadian, Half Norse God, super polite. Uses his brains and sensitivity to others more than just his muscles.), Twilight Detective Agency (two Gargoyles run a detective agency-- their clients completely unaware that they're not human), and other titles such as Gloaming and Diaperman.

The creation of the Superhero ABCs poster goes like this...the guys were going to Bent Con and needed some fun new merch. Via email, McAdam explains, "I came up with the idea out of my own interest in what my favorite heroes were packin'! As a comics geek I'd long been aware of discussions of female heroes' boob sizes, but no one was talking about the guys.  And I wanted to do something about that!"  So, he turned to concept artist Jeremy Thew for the groins and had Mike Rieger finish it up with the coloring and formatting.

We found Jeremy Thew on Facebook and asked how much fun it was to work on this project. His response, "Oh, it was great! I hammered the groins out in record-speed. Because hammering is what superhero groins ought to be doing, ya know." Oh, we know, Jeremy...we know.

If you are interested in the Superhero ABCs poster, you can get one from their Redbubble store. While there you can also get the groin's as sticker, throw pillows, tote bags, and cell phone cases! Be on the lookout for a new comic project from McAdam and Thew called Spectrum. Spectrum's premise sounds great: a young man gets superpowers at the very same time as coming out to himself as gay.  It's hard enough having one secret identity, but now he must cope with two?  This comic will look at coming out, self-discovery, and journey through an understanding of the whole spectrum the LGBTQ world has to offer.

Visit Two Gargoyles at their Website, Tumblr, or Facebook!

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