Friday, August 22, 2014

Fight Back With Love: God Loves Gays Billboard Project + A Short Q&A w/ God Himself!

There is a really fun movement afoot, spearheaded by God himself, to raise funds for a billboard that would spread a positive message of love and peace in Topeka, KS. The billboard would read "God Loves Gays" and direct folks to the website Why Topeka, Kansas? Well, that just happens to be where the Westboro Baptist Church (the folks that spread hate and picket funerals) makes their headquarters. The plan is to keep the billboard up for a year, spreading joy and making the bigots grit their teeth every time they drive by.

Twelve days ago, God put up an IndieGoGo campaign in hopes of raising $50,000 in 60 days to make this earthly pursuit possible. In less than two weeks, the project is already fully funded. So, from here on out, any extra money raised will be used to put billboards up in other religious zealot hot spots. Rather than engaging in shouting matches and getting angry, God would rather we fight back with love. And, if we get a bit of a giggle out of knowing we are annoying the hate mongers, even better. Also, God wants us to use the #GodLovesGays to help spread the message. I would do it if I were you.

But, God did not just appear out of thin air to start this campaign. Rather, he has been here with us all along on Facebook and Twitter, amassing millions of fans and letting us know that God loves everyone and that there is good in the world as well as evil. According to him, he has very little to do with either. Actually, God's Facebook page is a fairly good read. We highly recommend spending some time there. It's even been the subject of an in depth article about human interaction in the digital age called Facebook God: A Masterclass in Human Connection via Social Media.

When we told friends that we actually were being granted a short, quick interview by God, a few of them chimed in with questions, too. We made sure to indicate who asked what, so God knows who to smite. Thankfully, God was patient and did his best to answer all of our musings.

Don't forget to visit God's IndieGoGo Campaign, Facebook, and Twitter!

Q: How did you come up with the idea of using a billboard to antagonize the Westboro Baptist Church?
GOD: They represent evil in this world. When evil is allowed to exist unchecked, people lose hope. When people lose hope, humanity falls into a deeper depression. Yet remember, evil is only allowed to exist because good people do nothing. While some will say it is better to ignore evil and hope it goes away, I do not share that opinion. The LORD likes to mock evil until it wets itself and runs away crying.

Q: So, now that you have locked down the funding for Topeka, what towns have you set your sights on next?
GOD: I am interested in buying even more in Topeka, if they will just let go and let God do it. I envision every surface there plastered with the same message. But other than that, North Carolina, Alabama and Missouri are in the lead for the next location.

Q: What is the strangest question you have had on Ask God Wednesdays?
GOD: I find almost all of them sublimely strange. Who are they to question God?!

Q: My Friend Matt in the UK thinks you look like a total beefcake in your IndieGoGo video. What’s your workout routine?
GOD: I'm not giving that away. Mysterious ways!

Q: (From Jared H) What are your thoughts on circumcision and why did you put the male G-Spot in a place that you could only reach from inside the rectum?
GOD: If a dude will cut a piece of his dick off for Me, I can probably trust him. I put the g-spot up your ass to make anal sex feel awesome.

Q: (From Brian B) What happened to all the Sour Patch parents?
GOD: This question is beneath the LORD. Use Google.

Q: (From Scott M) What expletives do you use?
GOD: Any fucking expletive I want, you bag of cunts! I'm God, I can say whatever the fuck I want.

Q: (From Jeff T) Do you worry that this project will only serve to give more attention to the WBC, and that perhaps the money could be better spent by donors giving to non-profit organizations?
GOD: I am giving 10% to charity. Also, I think that they don't have any problem getting attention. Anytime they do ANYTHING the news media falls all over themselves to cover it. The news media is to blame for their fame as much as the WBC is. I shall tease them off their feet.

Q: Who would win in a fight? Unicorns or Narwhals?
GOD: The audience

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