Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stand Up Comedian Nik Dodani on Being Gay, Indian, and Disappointing His Family

You might have seen gay stand up comedian Nik Dodani on tv shows The Comeback and Selfie. Or maybe you have seen his commercial for Wendy's where he plays The Memer responding to a spicy chicken sandwich. Regardless, he is wonderfully charming and vulnerable on stage discussing being gay and disappointing his Indian family who hopes he will find some nice Indian lesbian to marry so they can be each other's beards. Also, he hilariously comes up with the straight male equivalent of the gay classification system of Bears, Twinks, Otters, etc...

Coming soon, Nik Dodani is appearing in the movie The Waiting with James Caan in which a couple of guys try to trick their neighbor into thinking a house is haunted. 

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