Thursday, May 8, 2014

Watch: Midnights With Adam (2013) Short Film

After engaging in an anonymous sexual act, J. Harper Lee, a detached and newly out-of-the closet young man, arrives to a soirée planned by his best friend, Annie. Throughout the night, as he catches up with close acquaintances and struggles to hold back his feelings for his straight friend, Danny, Harper agonizes to build a façade of belonging in a world that is not meant for him. As midnight approaches, Harper exploits himself in a brief sexual encounter to mitigate his loneliness and disconnection only to realize that he must come to terms with his identity in order to find his place in the world.

Written and Directed by Yudho Aditya, with some writing credit going to Sarah Xie. Made on a budget of just $2000. Midnight in Adam was first released in 2013 and just recently put up on sites like Vimeo for the rest of us to enjoy! This is 30 minutes well spent.

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