Friday, October 2, 2015

Speak Up Loud: Social Experiment Video Shows Touching Reactions to Homophobia

Spanish based Federación Estatal LGTB just released an exceptionally touching social experiment video in which a young gay American couple, who speak no Spanish, are trying to find help translating directions to a hostel. Seems simple enough. But, the hostel director has added on a personal note on the directions that stops everyone reading it in their tracks.

This is part of their larger #ConLaVozBienAlta campaign (or in English #SpeakUpLoud). The video ends explaining that 38% of Spain's LGBT community has felt discriminated against or victimized for being who they are, but only 10% have reported it to authorities. They are encouraging people, gay and straight, to speak out against discrimination and report all such cases so they never happen again.

Watch the video.  See if you can stop from tearing up a little. We couldn't. For more information, visit their Website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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