Friday, October 17, 2014

Watch: Prick (2014) Short Documentary About Gay Tattoo Artist Henry Hate

Jake Narang of Vile Films teamed up with Dazed Digital to create this interesting seven and a half minute look into the world of fine artist and tattooist to the stars Henry Hate. Based out of London, Hate's tattoo client list includes Boy George, Alexander McQueen, Pete Doherty, Anna Vissi, David Cross, Paul Thompson of Franz Ferdinand, and perhaps most famously, Amy Winehouse. His relationship with Winehouse prompted tabloid The Sun to run a story on Hate in which they revealed personal and private information without his consent. Of course, litigation ensued.

This documentary does a nice job allowing Hate to recount how his homosexuality clashed with his religious upbringing. After leaving the Army he sought refuge in Queercore: a vibrant and unabashed gay punk scene. Hate also discusses his stint in pornography! Not included, but worth mentioning, is Hate's short-lived career with the Tom of Finland Foundation where he caused controversy by using female erotic art in the the foundation's seasonal newsletter! 

Anyway, watch the documentary below. It is well worth your time! 

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