Friday, April 3, 2015

Pulitzer Prize Winning Animator Mark Fiore Hilariously Explains Religious Freedom Laws in 1 Minute Video!

Pulitzer Prize-winner Mark Fiore, who the Wall Street Journal has called “the undisputed guru of the form,” creates wonderfully frank and direct to the point animated political cartoons using comedy and common sense to quickly dissect huge political arguments. His work has been featured on the San Francisco Chronicle’s web site,, for over ten years. His work has also appeared on,,, and NPR’s web site. Fiore’s political animation has been featured on CNN, Frontline, and numerous cable and broadcast outlets across the globe.

Mark Fiore was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for political cartooning in 2010, a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in 2004 and has twice received an Online Journalism Award for commentary from the Online News Association (2002, 2008). Fiore has received two awards for his work in new media from the National Cartoonists Society (2001, 2002), and in 2006 received The James Madison Freedom of Information Award from The Society of Professional Journalists.

When it comes to the religious freedom acts, Fiore writes:
“Religious Freedom” is suddenly in vogue, mysteriously hot on the trail of gay marriage victories across the country. This isn’t about discriminating against homosexuals, right? We were going to pass these laws, um, anyway and stuff. (Except that some of these new laws do open the door to discrimination quite readily.) 
Now that florists and cake decorators are apparently all devout God-fearin’ heterosexuals who must not be forced to treat all customers the same and pizza joints are worried about catering gay weddings, much legislation is needed. The religious right is desperately struggling to rekindle the flames of the culture war as they lose the gay marriage fight. Ah, ‘Merica!
Watch Mark's 1:20 video "Religious Freedom and Gay Commerce!" And be sure to check out his website and blog! He posts new animations frequently!

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