Thursday, July 16, 2015

Preview the Terrific "Bleed Pop" EP by LGBT Band WASI

Check out the terrific "Bleed Pop" EP recently released by Cali punk pop band WASI. It's insanely peppy and the music just crackles with energy. Plus the recording quality is shockingly great. If there is this much happiness coming through my speakers, I can't even imagine how much fun their live shows must be.

Here's some background from their press materials:
The band started becoming more involved with the LGBT scene after singer Merilou (Cosmo) threw a few No On Prop 8 rallies in Buena Park (about a mile away from Anaheim, one of the most conservative cities in the US). They expected just a couple dozen of our friends to show up and rally, but ended up catching the attention of a few hundred people who came out to be part of the cause - from attendees, to Knott's Berry Farm, to kids in the Inland Empire who heard about the rally through home-made Youtube videos the band created to promote the rally. 
Today, the band constantly finds themselves invited to schools and other feminist/lgbtq groups to perform or just speak about our struggles as women and lesbian musicians. They hope through each of these conversations to inspire others to find their safe space to create positive energy through music, art and other passions. Jessie, the bassist and other vocalist for the band, who has been bullied her whole life for her masculinity, makes a point to showcase what she was bullied is now a gift. Aside from performing at Pride festivals, LGBTQ art galleries and other lesbian/feminist events in Hollywood such as Her/LA & Single de Mayo, they throw on our own events such as Women Fuck Shit Up Fest - an annual feminist/queer event that seeks to empower those community to share their art and voice and to create an energy of confidence to own who they are with pride.
Since their formation, they have performed at select dates on the Vans Warped Tour and have shared the stage with artists such as Shiny Toy Guns and K. Flay. College friends Garret Harney (drums) and Dylan Robin (guitar, vocals) joined the duo in 2015, thus completing the dance-fueled, anthemic-pop lineup.
If you'd like to help support the band, you can download their EP here. Also, check out their Website and be their pal on Facebook!

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