Thursday, May 28, 2015

Binding of Isaac Rebirth: Sugar Cookies!

One day while bored and hungry, my friends and I were discussing what would be the most entertaining cookies we could possibly make at home. We already made leather daddy gingerbread men, so we needed something new. Then my gaming pal Brian B suggested Binding of Isaac. He nailed it. Perfect suggestion. Their heads were already round. The game is terrifying. We are all kinda nerdy. So, we had to do it.

So, I called my chef pal Sara Whittlesey and asked her to help us make Binding of Isaac Rebirth sugar cookies with one caveat - we have to make everything from scratch! So, almost everything you see was done with a simple rolled cookie dough and simple royal icing made from powdered sugar, egg whites, water, and food coloring.  We did cheat a little and used a store bought bottle of black cookie icing for some of the piping work. Watch the short video below to see decorate one of the cookies.

Other than Sara, I also need to thank Brian B. and Tyler S. for their gaming and cookie design advice. Between the two of them, they have wasted more than six hundred hours playing Rebirth on Steam. And thanks to Brian Ballard for helping make the video and taking pics! Also, here's a rolled sugar cookie recipe and a royal frosting recipe in case you wanna try this yourself!

Yes...we know this is not supposed to be a top hat! 

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