Thursday, April 27, 2017

New Website "Dick Code" Eliminates the Need for Dick Pics! obviously the dick pic isn't really going anywhere. People still want to see the goods. However, website Dick Code has come up with a fairly amusing/clever option for sending people your stats without having to pull the camera out.

Created by 28-year-old web developer György Szücs, Dick Code allows the user to select images that best represent the shape, girth, length, vascularity, and curve of your penis. You can also select images that best represent how much pubic hair you have and the average time of your ejaculation.

Once you have selected all the options you wish to share, a simple code is generated that you can share with your potential partner so they can see more detailed information about you than they probably wanted to know.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Introducing Colby Melvin as AdamMale's New Brand Ambassador!

So, we teamed up with Colby Melvin to be the pretty face behind the naughty toys we sell! And we couldn't be happier!  Colby Melvin is the perfect fit. He’s sexy, smart, outgoing and has a great sense of humor. Colby is a tireless advocate committed to helping gay men feel comfortable with their sexuality and does an incredible job reaffirming that sex is a natural and wonderful thing. Colby shares AdamMale’s commitment to giving back by donating his time and talent to charitable organizations.

To celebrate, we enlisted Colby and a ton of gay celebs, porn stars, and underwear models to play a game of Dildo Dodgeball! The cast includes Willam Belli, Jackie Beat, Jack Merridew, Brandon Wilde, Nickoles Alexander Perez, Austin Wallis, Timothy Willy, and many more. Directed by Brad Hammer. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Jack Merridew: The Gay Hunger Games

Ok...Jack is back at it again...we sent him a few sex toys to do anything he wanted with. He sent us back "The Gay Hunger Games." Every single time he and his companion get in serious trouble and
are in need of an item from their sponsor, it is AdamMale to the rescue.

Honestly, everything Jack posts on YouTube is pretty great. So, be sure to follow Jack Merridew on his YouTube Channel, Instagram, and Twitter!

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