Thursday, February 12, 2015

Brick Back Mountain - Animated Short by Ivan Di Simoni

While wasting time on the internet the other day instead of doing my work, I happened upon this really charming animated film on Vimeo titled Brick Back Mountain. It's super short, just a minute and ten seconds long, so rather than giving you too much plot detail, I just suggest you watch it. However, I was intrigued and set out to learn more about animator Ivan Di Simoni.

Turns out Ivan is quite a busy illustrator/graphic designer who makes his home in São Paulo, Brazil. Self taught, he worked his way up from designing advertising to being Art Director for audio-visual firm Coletiva Ideia. Also, he is a painter and street artist who in his own words is "always looking for the next empty space to be filled with colors."  Ivan made Brick Back Mountain with a creative team including Bruno De Castro, Bruno Cysne, and Mariska Michalick.

I spoke to Ivan via email about Brick Back Mountain and asked him what inspired him to make the film. Here's what he had to say:
"About he video i tell u that i was at the window one day and i saw two guys working and one of them was throwing a brick up to another guy upstairs. and then I imagined this short story about a bricklayer guy who is in love with a guy that works with him but they never had the courage to express his feelings for him. So he had this idea to use his everyday toll, material to do this. I just wanted to show everybody that gay people are not always "the barbie or "the bear" or "the drag queen". We are normal people and this is all normal. 
 That's it, sorry about my English."
You can learn more about Ivan Di Simoni's art via his website Ivan Di Simoni Art. Ivan also has an upcoming one week, pop-up art show in New York with an opening night at Grand Street Gallery on March 18th and the show running at Lower East Side Gallery from March 19th - 23rd! 

Here's a random sampling of some of Ivan Di Simoni's art!


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