Thursday, September 24, 2015

Our New Favorite Thing: Denis Spichkin's "Space Cats!"

All hail Helsinki, Finland based artist/illustrator/animator Denis Spichkin. As the Lead Artist for Gameloft, one of the largest mobile game firms in the world, he has been responsible for bringing happiness to millions and millions on their smart phones and tablets. On a more intimate level, Denis has been sharing some of his doodles, illustrations, and WIPs on his personal blogs.

All of his work is amazing, but the series that really caught our eye is Space Cats! This really needs to be said in a deep booming tv announcer voice: SPAAAAAACE CATTTTS! These intergalactic felines fly their rocketships through space fighting evil wherever it may lurk. At least I think they are fighting evil. I mean, they are cats after all. It is quite possible they are the ones bringing terror to the universe.

Anyway, take a look! If you want to learn more about Denis Spichkin on your own, check out his Blog, Behance, and Tumblr!

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