Thursday, May 1, 2014

Watch: Ageless (2013) Short Film

Ageless is written and directed by writer, producer, actor and interviewer Heath Daniels. His backstage interview with Grammy nominated rocker, Linda Perry, “Linda Perry vs. Katy Perry,” became a viral sensation on outlets ranging from Perez Hilton to VH1 and the New York Daily News. His interviews have appeared on Current TV, E Online, and

Ageless is a quick look at two couples - one  in their 50s, the other in their 20s. Both couples are struggling with the same issues - sex, romance, intimacy, and the day to day tedium of relationships. It's interesting to see one couple full of passion and fire and angst, while the other feels like comfortable friend that you desperately want to curl up with on lonely nights. Other than ending somewhat abruptly, Ageless is a really charming, thought provoking short.

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