Saturday, May 9, 2015

Artist Ronan Lynam Turns His Fine Art Super Mario World Prints Into Shimmering GIFS of Pure Magic!

Last year we had the pleasure to interview artist Ronan Lynam. At the time, he had set both the art and gaming world abuzz with his sensational digital fine art renderings of Super Mario World themed video game characters. So, we decided to check in with Ronan and see what was going on. What we discovered thrilled us to no end.

When last we spoke Ronan was experimenting with bringing some of his art to life by turning them into three framed animation loops. He explained, "I made them because I thought they were both really fun to do and because I realized that they would be popular on GIF heavy sites such as Tumblr. A lot of times on Tumblr, you only have a split second to catch someone’s attention and I found simple, looping GIFS are a great way to catch that!"

Ronan has applied his animation wizardry to a great deal more of his work in recent months. The prints of his Super Mario art now spring to life in shimmering glory. Rather than trying to explain this any better, I suggest you just look at the images below!

I asked Ronan what he calls this form of art. He responded, "Mmmm. There's no name for it really, or at least that I know of. Sorry that's unhelpful!" So, I think we should try to come up for a name for it! Please leave your suggestions in the comments! Or, send them to Ronan directly!

You can find Ronan Lynam on the web via his Website, Facebook, Tumblr, T-Shirt Site, and Society 6 Shop!

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