Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mentaiko Itto's Gay Manga Priapus Finally Released in English Language Anthology

Gay manga fans rejoice! For the first time ever, Mentaiko Itto's Priapus is getting an English language, completely uncensored release thanks to publisher Bruno Gmünder! This 160 page anthology includes Priapus I, II, & III, plus the additional stories Gachinko Battle, 1000 Meters Deep, and 1/4. 

One thing I really love about this anthology is the fun surprise waiting on page one. As soon as you crack the cover, there is a big note saying, "This book was published in the original Japanese right-to-left format. Please flip the book over and start from the beginning!"

Another thing I love is getting to hear from Itto himself in the afterword:
Good day. Nice to meet you.
I'm Itto, though abroad I'm probably better known as Mentaiko.
I'd heard that books published abroad often don't require censoring the genitals. But in Japan they do. Sometimes this is just a small revision, and other times they cover up the whole thing. Having to cover up those genitals that I'd worked so hard to draw always made me sad, but knowing everything I drew will now be on full display makes me so very happy.
To think, if you loved my characters, even just a little bit, that'd be so nice...
Bruno Gmünder has been kind enough to share some preview artwork with us. The stories are a great mix of sex and sincerity, sweetness, and lots and lots of erotic fantasy. Itto's artwork is even better than his storytelling. The images seem to spring to life and practically jump off the page. Once you start reading Priapus, you probably aren't going to want to put it down.

Priapus is due out in June. You can pre-order it in the US at Amazon or order a copy directly from Bruno Gmünder. 

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