Friday, November 22, 2013

Foreplay Rule #1: Foot Massage Leads to Sizzling Sex!

There are over 36,000 nerve endings in the human foot. And, according to the American Massage Therapy Association, you can use the feet to reach pretty much any part of the body. For example, the heel helps with stimulation of the back, while the arches help with the legs. According to tantric sex experts Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, the soles of feet on men are a huge erogenous zone. Stimulating this area can lead to intense sexual feelings and will make any night of passion sizzle even more.

The part of the brain that activated by the nerve endings in the soles of men’s feet is directly next to the part of the brain activated by the nerve endings in the penile region of the body. The two are very closely associated with each other.

So next time you are just hanging out on the couch together, grab your partner’s feet and give them a massage. Spend lots of time on each individual area: toes, soles, arches, heels. I promise you will have a mind-blowing evening.

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