Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bringing Up Condoms - 5 Helpful Ideas (From Hot Shirtless Hunks)!

We all know condoms are important. Yet, a lot of us chose to ignore this and engage in risky sexual activity outside of a monogamous relationship.  Who knows why? Maybe we had too much to drink. Maybe we mistakenly chose to trust the person we are with at the time. Maybe we are all a little self-destructive. Maybe it just feels better.

We all know the stats about HIV and STIs being more prevalent in the gay community. We all know that HIV infection is on the rise again in those under 30 and that gay men make up 72% of all syphilis cases. As gay men, we hear about these things almost non-stop.  So, let’s skip the statistics and get right down to pictures of hot guys.

Here are our ideas on how to bring up condoms.

1) The Direct Approach

2) Make It Fun

3) Say It Turns You On To Lend A Hand

4) Bring It Up Casually

5) Lay Down the Law

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