Sunday, April 3, 2016

Graphic Novel Preview: Indigo Dax by Bryan Pierce

On March 27th, writer Bryan Pierce debuted Indigo Dax, a charming new gay themed graphic novel and corresponding Facebook game! Indigo Dax follows the story of Dax, the Prince of Casseria. The Scorpion Empire is about to invade Earth, and Dax receives a message from a Casserian living on Earth. He rushes to Earth and puts his ship in-between Earth and the Scorpion Armada. However, Supreme Lord Kesarex of the Scorpion Empire decides he’d prefer Earth be destroyed rather than lose to Dax. So he orders half of his fleet to crash into Dax’s ship causing all of their ships to crash into Earth. Dax realizes if he’s going to save Earth, he has to send all of the ships back in time. The Casserians and Scorpions caught in the temporal wake are thrown throughout history, and Dax’s ship is the asteroid that destroys the dinosaurs. Powerful beings are created in the past, that have implications for the future of Earth and the galaxy in the present timeline.

Based out of Austin, TX, Pierce quit his corporate career of 14 years to devote himself to completing Indigo Dax.  He tells us, "Saying I’m an author seems so odd to me. But I guess that’s what I am now. When I wrote the Indigo Dax graphic novel, it was because I had a great story to tell, not because I wanted to be a writer. It was an idea that had been floating in my head for a while, and one day I decided to actually write it down."

Bryan goes on to explain:

I’ve always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy, but I never felt like the gay community was well represented in that genre.  
For a large part of my life I felt very abnormal. I came of age during the 90s, and that was the starting point of Hollywood acknowledging and really starting to show more gay characters. I remember watching the original Ellen show, and her coming out episode and crying. For the first time I saw someone on TV coming out. That was huge for me. It made me feel less alone. It gave me a real person to look at as a role model.
Role models help you define your likes and dislikes, they give comfort and allow you to acknowledge that you’re normal. It’s that moment of connection when you see another person and realize, “I do that too!”, “That’s how I feel!”, or “I’m glad I’m not the only one like that.”
I created this huge universe with an expansive backstory because I wanted to see myself represented fully in a science fiction series. Not as a side character, but as the main character. I wanted my characters to be gay, but also be superheroes. I wanted my characters to tell an authentic story about what it’s like to be gay, but not be tragic because they’re gay. If I wanted to see gay characters in a science fiction graphic novel, then I had to make that a reality. 
For such a long time, I was looking for someone to save me. To tell me I was all right. But the truth is, there is no white knight. I realized, instead of waiting for someone to tell me I was all right, I had to tell myself that. I had to be my own hero.
You can’t change the world, without first specifically defining what’s wrong with it. Once you’ve defined what you want to change, you can envision a better world. That’s why I created the Indigo Dax series. It is my vision of a better world. 
To get a better feel for the compelling Indigo Dax storyline and illustration style, take a look at the video below! Also, check out the video preview of the Facebook game. 

Be sure to check out! And, if you are so inclined, follow Indigo Dax on Facebook!

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