Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Preview Class Comics Wonderful Sci-Fi Adventure "Crash Course #2"

Class Comics has really nailed it (pun intended) with their terrific new erotic sci-fi release Crash Course #2. This time around, the book is a perfect blend of plot driven story line intertwined with the sexually charged erotic elements that Class Comics does so well. The result is a fairly satisfying read that makes you want to come back for Crash Course #3.

For those unfamiliar, the Crash Course series tells the story of rascally, lovable space adventurer Crash and his sentient robot companion Rockstar who, for whatever awesome reason, is able to relocate his conciseness into other machine based lifeforms. So, you never know what Rockstar will look like from panel to panel. Rockstar tends to keep Crash from getting into too much trouble from his ill advised intergalactic sexual exploits and smuggling runs. Without divulging too much of the plot, Crash Course #2 is filled with cyborgs, androids, sex twins, galaxy domination plots, zero gravity intercourse, and some unexpected romance. It's well worth checking out.

Crash Course #2 is brilliantly written by Johnny Murdoc and beautifully illustrated by TJ Wood. The colors in this issue are by Richie San Lucas. You can take a sneak peek at some explicit panels HERE. While you are there, check out Crash Course #1. Also, check out Class Comic's Facebook page!

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