Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our Favorite Gay Street Art From Around The World

Street art has always been an important outlet for social commentary. As an increasing number of countries recognize the basic rights and freedoms of homosexuals, gay themed street art is popping up in more and more unique and interesting places, both in countries that openly embrace homosexuals and in those that are still behind the times. Here's some of our favorite gay street art from around the world. We we can, we will give you the artist link so you can further investigate these on your own!

Artist Unknown. Found in Estonia in the Tartu Pärmivabrik, an old factory people have converted into an art and music space. Photo by Ranno.

Mural on the Side of Mary's Gay Bar in Houston, TX. Mary's had existed from 1972 - 2009. The mural has a strange history of being removed and then lovingly restored and then being removed again.

Street Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Two Letters Less Doesn’t Make a Difference" by Elina Penninkangas - Helsinki, Finland

Years ago “Banksy” painted two police officers kissing on a wall of the Prince Albert Pub in Brighton. To keep it safe from vandals, the pub owner decided to sell the art to a famous art gallery in New York. In 2008 a specialist art restoration company used chemicals to transfer the image onto a canvas, and the original was replaced with a facsimile, encased in plastic sheeting.

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  1. Cool collection! :) And I really appreciate the photo attribution! :)