Monday, March 31, 2014

The Unexpected Side Effects of #Cockinasock!

We totally adore the wonderful #cockinasock campaign. In case you haven't heard about it, #cockinasock is an insanely hot idea by UK hunk James Brown in hopes of raising awareness and money for testicular and other male cancers. The idea is simple. Strip down. Put your cock in a sock. Post the pic with the #cockinasock and include a link of where to donate! Brilliant!! Go look at all the adorable pictures online!

We donated. We hope you do too. Here's the link:

We got to thinking, what could be some of the hilarious unforeseen side effects of all these incredibly cute dudes stuffing socks on their manhood? So, we got out our cameras....

#1) Sudden jump in sales of anti-fungal sprays and creams!

#2) Tons of "used" socks showing up on eBay!
#3) That one dude who thinks he's funny!
#4) Fetishists' Paradise!

**All pictures by K. Roosa and Lee G.
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