Thursday, March 13, 2014

4 Benefits to Staying Single

After getting married too young, well before it was legal in any state, and staying married five years too long, I have come to appreciate my single life. There is some real and legitimate comfort in being married, and one day I might like to make that commitment again. However, the numerous benefits of being single are too wonderful to ignore. Here are my top four.

4) Your Time Is Your Own
You don’t have anyone you have to take into consideration when making plans or report your whereabouts to.  If you want to up and go on a fun trip for a few days, you have that freedom. You can hike, shop, go out with friends, workout,  do anything you want without having to worry about leaving someone behind or worried that you will have to miss out or cancel because your significant other can’t get time off work or is on call.

3) Your Space Is Your Own
Living single you can do whatever you please in your own home. You don't have to explain to your friends that the framed, signed Katy Perry poster is not yours. There are no special throw pillows. You can go to the bathroom with the door open. You don't have to hide your porn. Stock the refrigerator full of beer and junk food. Watch what you want on T.V. It’s very liberating.

2) Rich and Varied Sex Life
I am by no means overly promiscuous, but I am not a monk either. Having a healthy dating life has lead to some interesting and unique sexual experiences. While married, the sex tapered off. Worse, when we were unhappy with each other, we were both ice cold and indifferent to each other in the bedroom. Being single makes sure this never happens. Each person I date brings something new and different into the bedroom. Different backgrounds, experience levels, likes and dislikes really keep a guy on his toes. I have seen more diversity and intrigue in four years of single life than I ever did while married.

1) It Allows You To Learn Who You Are
So, the best part of being single has been learning a good deal about myself, both good and bad. Through dating and interacting with different people, I have a much better understanding of what I want in a relationship and out of life. As a single person, if something was not working out for me, I had the freedom to express myself and move on in search of something that did work for me. I did not have this skill set when I was married.  I am much better prepared to recognize the traits and qualities that I like and need to look for in a potential future spouse.  Being single has given me invaluable life experience that will ultimately make me a better spouse in return.

PS: Don’t get a titanium wedding band.  You can’t unload them anywhere if the relationship ends.

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