Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Congratulations! It's A Bear: The Woof Worthy Artwork of Tai Wang

I am seriously smitten with the playful, bear-centric art of Taiwan based illustrator/painter Tai Wang. If you are into stocky, muscular gents at all, or are fond of the bara genre, you have probably run across his wonderful comic series Sexy B (Always Woof). It features big burly, bearded men in love being ridiculously cute and cuddly. But it doesn't stop there...for years and years Tai Wang has been bringing us charming, and often surreal, comics navigating the ins and outs of relationships and the common struggles we all face in every day life. Other titles include Private Party, Soul Tattoo, Climax, and his newest creation (which has not been translated to English, yet) Gibberish.

Despite all of this fantastic work, very little biographical info is available online. So, I set out to change that. Via the magic of the internet, Tai shared a bit about himself.
"I started making art since I have memory. My mother told me, she married my father because he can paint. And she wants a child who can makes arts. LOL. She took me to learn arts from a painter in my home town when I was very little. Since then, I never stop making and loving arts. I do paintings, portraits, illustrations, installations, and comics. And I think I will do more!
At the end of 2012, I started my gay bear series "Sexy B" which I intend to bring my sense of humor but also sexy expressions to this gay bear culture I am living in. And I want to make it "sexy", but not "porny". It's fun. I am really enjoying it!"
 And when I questioned Tai about his fondness for big, sweet, muscle bound bears, he replied, "What can I say? They ALWAYS WOOF!"

If you would like to explore more of Tai Wang's art on your own, I suggest his Sexy B (Always Woof) Website, Tai Wang Website, Sexy B Tumblr, Tai Wang Tumblr, and why not be his pal on Facebook!

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