Thursday, December 19, 2013

4 Fun Ways to Delay Orgasm!

Maybe a bit too often after sex, my partner has commented that when finally getting to intercourse, I don’t last quite as long as either of us would like. Of course, my standard explanation is that he is so incredibly hot and amazing in bed that sometimes I just can’t help myself. But, the sad truth is, I just am not lasting as long as I probably should. So, I started doing research on simple techniques and quick changes in my behavior that might make me last longer. To my surprise, implementing them was more fun than I could have ever hoped.

1) Practice by masturbating. 
Bring yourself to the brink of orgasm then firmly squeeze the tip of your penis. This is completely painless and it temporarily reverses the blood flow, relieving the desire to ejaculate. This technique is attributed to Masters & Johnson. It is suggested that you bring yourself close three times and allow yourself to finally release on the fourth. After a few weeks, I was able to last an additional twenty to thirty minutes in bed. Also, this works in a pinch if you are with your partner and feel like you are going to blow too early.

2) Put the condom back on. 
Sure being in a committed relationship is great, especially if there is no risk of STIs. But, such wonderful skin to skin contact feels so darn great, that it is a huge contributing factor to finishing too quickly. So, if you want to reduce the sensitivity, wrap it back up.

3) Pace yourself. 
Sure once you get going, sometimes you just want to let it out full throttle. But, the faster you rev your engines, the faster you get to your destination. Slow to medium strokes will allow you to make it last and probably make your partner feel a whole lot more sensation too.

4) Avoid too much foreplay. 
Read carefully. This does not mean cut the foreplay out. It just means that if you have a sensual and seductive hour of foreplay, chances are you are going to be so excited that once intercourse begins, you are already more than half way there. Cutting this time in half might just considerably increase your ability to last.

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