Friday, August 21, 2015

Book Preview: Full Frontal - The Best of Dylan Rosser

Finally! German publishing house Bruno Gmünder is releasing photographer Dylan Rosser's book Full Frontal in an affordable 160 page, soft cover format. Full Frontal is a compilation of the best work that Dylan Rosser has produced over the last several years of his more than a decade long career shooting male nudes.

You may know Dylan Rosser best from his wonderful The Male Form website and magazine. A bit reclusive, Dylan recently moved from his home in London to the remote Spanish island city of Ibiza. In 2012, he told The Advocate, "I am quite a solitary person, and even though shooting male nudes does involve working with a model, that is really a very small part of it. Most of the time it is just me, my ideas, and my computer ... creating." 

Despite publishing numerous books and traveling the world for photo shoots, Dylan doesn't really talk about himself or his accomplishments. It seems he would rather just let the work speak for itself.

Full Frontal: The Best of Dylan Rosser comes out September 1st. You can order a copy directly from Bruno Gmünder. Or, in the US, you can get it from Amazon. Either way, you can't really go wrong. 

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