Monday, March 23, 2015

I Choose You, Marmot: Catching Up With Artist Henry Schreiber

About a year ago, we ran a story on rodent loving artist Henry Schreiber. Henry has made quite the career of inserting small woodland creatures into what might otherwise be traditional paintings. His favorite subject? The marmot (or groundhog as they are more commonly known in the Eastern US).

In the year since we last spoke to Henry, he has been busy re-imagining marmots as his favorite childhood pastimes - Pokemon, Japanese cartoons, sci-fi movies, and video games. The work you will see below was included in a recent show at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon. The show was fittingly enough titled Dr. Groundsquirrel.

Of course, I had to ask Henry about his inspiration for the Pokemon groundhogs. He explained, "I had a Pokemon red cartridge way back in the day on the original Gameboy. So when I concept out shows, I usually come up with dozens, if not hundreds of concepts. For this, I thought it would be great to have marmots pretending to be Pokemon."

So, I just had to ask the follow up question - who is your favorite Pokemon starter?
"Charmander. Hands down."

Be sure to visit Henry Schreiber's website to view his entire body of work.  You can find prints for sale on his Etsy shop or Nuvango shop! And, there might just be an original or two still available at Screaming Sky!

I Choose You, Marmot! (Pikachu)

I Choose You, Marmot! (Bulbasaur)

I Choose You, Marmot! (Squirtle)

I Choose You, Marmot! (Charmander)

A Marmot To The Past

Super Marmot Bros 3

Defender Of The Universe

Mega Marmot

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