Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Gay Geek's Guide To Surviving the Holidays!

Well, the Holidays are upon us now. Dealing with family is never easy, especially if you are in a relationship and you have to deal with two sets of parents, siblings, cousins, etc... We enlisted the help of cartoonist Jake Rohdy to create an illustrated guide to surviving various typical holiday scenarios! May your Holiday season be peaceful and sane.

#1) Be patient and kind when explaining to parents and siblings that they need to make your boyfriend feel welcome and included at Holiday get-togethers!

#2) If you have changed boyfriends since last Christmas, be prepared for uncomfortable questions! 

#3) Don't get all up in your Mom's face if she asks that you and your boyfriend sleep in separate rooms while visiting! 

#4) If you find yourself alone this year, don't despair!
Seriously, it's just temporary. I am sure there are tons of Christmas orphan parties you can go to with various groups of friends. Actually, being by yourself means not having to field awkward questions from well meaning relatives. So, at least there's that!

Be sure to visit Jake Rohdy's website for a daily comic post!

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