Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Constellation Park: The 13 Outdoorsmen of the Zodiac by Artist Michael Sanderson

Artist Michael Sanderson reimagines the signs of the Zodiac as hunky, rugged woodsmen in his great new series Constellation Park. Each illustration comes with its own wonderful anecdote emphasizing the darker nature of that particular sign. For example, as a Libra, I am said to be, "Shallow and idealistic." But, I got off easy compared to Leo, "Keep feeding his ego or he'll eat you alive!" The insightful, hilarious truth behind each sign's description is sure to make you laugh with a twinge of recognition of your own flaws. Oh, and for those wondering why 13?! Gemini counts as two!

Photo by Matthew Tammaro 
Sanderson has spent the last decade honing his talents in numerous fields. Not only is he a talented artist and illustrator, he is also a well respected apparel designer. His clients include ZOO NYC, Chloe + Isabel, Vogue Japan, Victoria's Secret, Commons & Sense Magazine, Hudson's Bay Company, Burkman Bros, Bombay Sapphire, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, and OUT Magazine. And that's just a small part of the list. We didn't really have room for the whole thing!

Via email, we asked Michael what inspired him to create Constellation Park. He explains, "I was stranded in Colorado Springs this past fall/winter after a design job I took in Miami didn't go so well; and I decided now was the time to work for myself and apply my creativity to something I enjoyed working on and so I started developing this print series as a step into that direction. I plan to launch a new series every season and eventually a corresponding product line that relates to each one (apparel, underwear, gear, etc)."

As for his own astrological sign? "I'm actually a Sagittarius myself, and It's very relatable to me. I used to want to be an actor and it's not surprising to me to find out most of Hollywood is comprised of fellow Sagittarians. I guess our crippling unattachment to anything and hunters mentality is a cocktail for success ( except when it comes to love of course)."

You can view the entire Constellation Park series at Michael Sanderson's website. Also, you can buy limited edition prints of any of the signs at Michael's store.

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