Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stripling Warrior: The World's First Gay Mormon Superhero Kickstarter

Illustrator Brian Andersen is a life-long geek who's created comics ever since he was a young, skinny, four-eyed goober in middle school. He's also an out, gay Mormon. He joined the Mormon Church at 18, went on a mission at 19, attended Brigham Young University at 26 and came out and accepted his gayness at 27. He's married, to a fellow Mormon, and they have a lovely one-year-old daughter.

Brian's created and written a popular line of queer indie comics since 2007, with over six titles and counting under his So Super Duper Comics banner. He's been on numerous LGBT panels at Comic Con and delights that he is a part of the queer, underground comics world.

He has put up an already successful Kickstarter campaign for his latest title Stripling Warrior. Here's the official synopsis:

Stripling Warrior stars Sam Shepard, a happily out and newly married gay man who is visited by an Angel from Heaven on his wedding night. The Angel Abish - a rare female named character from the Book of Mormon - calls Sam to become the Hand of God on Earth, tasked with smiting those in need of smiting.
Why was he chosen? How does his homosexuality impact his role as a servant of the divine? And how does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints react when they hear of a homosexual man on a mission from the heavens? (*hint* Not great.)

Stripling Warrior will explore all of this. The comic is a sexy story without being XXX-Sexy (not that there is anything wrong with XXX Gay Comics). This book isn't just about a gay superhero who's gay in name only. Sam’s romantic life will be prominently featured along with plenty of fisticuffs, humor, an exploration into the mythology of the LDS Church, and of course, heroic banter and super villains.
Sounds good to me! Watch the Kickstarter video below! And be sure to check out all the awesome preview art! And, if you have a few extra dollars, consider donating. Anderson is offering some great perks!

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