Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Dance Agenda Podcast #4 - AdamMaleBlog Exclusive!

AdamMaleBlog is proud to bring you episode #4 of our music podcast - The Dance Agenda! Each episode will feature the latest in indie and underground electro-pop, new wave, and dance music from around the world! Feel free to download or stream as you see fit!

Here's the track list for The Dance Agenda #4:
1) De Lux "Better At Making Time" Scion AV Presents
2) Lifelike  "Night Patrol"
3) Disaster in the Universe  "Recovering"
4) Exsonvaldes  "Action"  Lights
5) Blood Orange  "Uncle Ace"  Cupid Deluxe
6) Cadien  "Miracles"
7) Color War  "SOS"
8) Who Made Who "The Morning"
9) Ceo  "Whorehouse"

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