Thursday, November 13, 2014

Must Read: Intimacy Mini-Comic by Dale Lazarov and Martin Chan

Hot on the heels of a flurry of wonderful comic releases in the past six months, Dale Lazarov is back working his magic with the twelve page mini-comic Intimacy. This time around Dale teams up with first time comic illustrator Martin Chan. Though new to the comics game, Chan is a veteran illustrator who spent years working in the video game industry as a 2D artist and UI designer. And, I think not being over immersed in the comic industry allows Chan  to bring a fresh perspective to illustrating male interaction that we have not quite seen before. It's refreshingly heart warming.

Intimacy is a touching twelve page look into the best part of being with another human being - the intimacy. And no, intimacy does not mean getting it on in the sack. It means the cuddling, the stealing of kisses while doing the dishes, the knowing glances, the resting of legs on each other while watching tv. All the things that make both falling in love and sharing your life with someone else so special. Dale does a great job incorporating all age ranges, all walks of life, all types of guys into this comic. Honestly, there is pretty much no way to read this comic and not long for the romantic moments depicted. Lazarov and Chan have created a fantastic work of art.

If you missed it, we did an interview with Dale Lazarov back in July around the time that his comic Fast Friends was released. Dale is well known for his numerous erotic graphic novel series including Good Sports, Nightlife, Manly, Sticky, Bulldogs, and Greek Love. He has teamed with a cadre of amazing artists such as Steve MacIsaac, Bastian Jonsson, Yann Duminil, Amy Colburn, Dominic Cordoba, Chas Hunter, Si Arden, and lots more! 

Intimacy is available as a very reasonably priced digital download. It's under $3. You can get it online at Dale Lazarov's online store. Also, I suggest checking out his website or fun blog Fuck Yeah Dale Lazarov! 

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