Thursday, June 26, 2014

CLEARLYWRONG: The Art of Daniel Bressette

So, I have started this article on Daniel Bressette, who sometimes goes by the handle CLRLYWRNG, like a dozen times this morning, quickly hitting the backspace button and deleting everything I type. I started to say that Daniel Bressette is one of my favorite artists. True. But, not exactly riveting info. Everything I try to express seems completely trite and unworthy of the amazing talent this man possesses.

Exacerbating this situation is the fact that there is not one scrap of helpful bio material on Daniel anywhere to be found, other than that he lives in Atlanta and draws and plays music and "Is Bored With It All." For example, here's one of his bios:
Daniel Bressette was raised by a pack of wild bios. Some were written and forgotten about, others fled captivity as soon as the chance provided itself. Growing a strong connection to the bios, he vowed to never again keep a bio in captivity and you'll never find him in possession of one!
Or try this one from his Twitter page:
Daniel Bressette died years ago. This is the best we could do with modern computing and archived memories. We know it's not much.
While conversing with Daniel via email, I asked if he had any bio info and he responded, "I suck at writing bios, and at this point I don't know if I've ever written a serious one about myself." So, I guess we will just have to leave it at that!

In recent years, Daniel's work has been featured everywhere from Juxtapoz Magazine to Comics Alliance. He is currently devoting most of his time to creating a new show with his friends for Cartoon Network. Also, he keeps up two Tumblr pages: CLRLYWRNG and The Artistic Decline of Daniel Bressette. You should also consider following his hilariously wonderful Twitter feed. His Flickr page is a giant explosion of most of his work condensed into one mind blowing collection. And, you have to see his RCRDCVRS tumblr where he cartoonifies iconic album covers.

Maybe in the future, we can get him to agree to an interview. Until then, enjoy his amazing art!
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