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Strange Sensations: What Happened When I Cast A Gay Love Spell on Three of My Friends

One day I was tooling around just to see what kind of silly non-sense I could buy for $5. Among the hordes of people willing to make you a 30 second video dancing in a unicorn mask and the pre-made business card designs, I stumbled across an interesting ad - I WILL CAST A GAY LOVE SPELL. It was pretty much a mandate that I was going to read further.

Here's what the listing had to say:
Attracted To Someone of The Same Sex? 
Are you enamored with one particular person, someone you know in your heart is perfectly right for you? But their feelings toward you, their interest in you is not being reciprocated? And your fondest wish is for them to love you the way you are capable of loving them? 
I can cast a Gay Love Spell for you, making spiritual contact with this very special person - to convey your dreams, your desires, your love. And if there is a possibility that they could be interested in you, this spell could dramatically intensify their feelings toward you! 
Order this spell realize I have 100% positive feedback on over 500 spells cast on fiverr, with many satisfied repeat clients. If you think there is hope, if you think there could be a strong mutual attraction, this spell is a must for you. 
Despite wondering why there would be repeat customers if the spell worked effectively, I kept reading. There was a section where the person offering to cast the love spell got to tell a little bit about herself.
I am a witch. Helping people is my gift to the earth. I was the very first witch on fiverr and now see many of my gigs have been copied, and now others here claim to be witches. My spells and gigs here are copyrighted. My Coven and I have cast over 800 Spells for our friends on Fiverr.
On Fiverr, the offers are called Gigs. Each Gig costs $5. But, the person offering the Gig can upsell you to more expensive fare in a section called "Gig Extras." So, the Gig Extras for this Gay Love Spell listing include:

I didn't really see the need for the extras. I was pretty much already sold. I mean, for $5 a pop, how could you really go wrong? But, I had to decide, who am I going to cast a gay love spell on? Just one person? Two? Should I have a control subject as well as an unsuspecting test subject?

Ultimately, I decided that potentially annoying three of my friends was the way to go, you know, for scientific reasons. One friend I would let in on the spell. I would be upfront from the beginning and then interview them 10 days or so later to see if he noticed anything. The second friend, I would not tell. I would just cast the spell and then hopefully get with them 10 days later and see what's up. The third friend, I decided not to cast a love spell on, but let them think I did and then see how that goes. Maybe just planting that seed in their mind would cause a psychosomatic effect.

I also decided it would be best to use people I interact and chat with online with kind of regularly. And then see if their interactions with me increase or change in tone during the time frame. I picked my pal Brian for the one who I would tell. I picked my friend Jared who would be the one I would keep in the dark. And I picked my friend Jason, who is already in a gay relationship, as the one I would lead to believe I cast a gay love spell on but really did not. I will tell more about each before each of their interviews!

So, I was ready. Time to go spend $10 and have two love spells cast. Upon paying for the Gig, I was asked just to provide my first name and the first initial of my last name and the first name and first initial of the last name of the person I wanted the spell cast upon. I did this from two different accounts on two different days so as not to draw too much attention to myself. I didn't want the witch questioning why I was being greedy and casting gay love spells on two men!

Immediately, the witch sent me back a note basically saying hang tight, we will get the spell cast within a day or so and she will get back with me providing more information. And, boy did she ever. Not only did I get back a note saying the spell was cast. I was sent a file folder containing 7 pictures and the following message:
The pictures are a final part of the spell. Just look at them briefly. A spell is a process and the sending of certain pictures is part of the total process.It is a representation of the spell which is being delivered to you. We work with unseen entities who I call helper
spirits. They see you when you buy the spell. They see us when we cast the spells. They see how we then send pictures and words back to you. They then see and hear when you complete the process by saying three times the sentence I told you to say.
This completes the process and they know the spell has been cast for you by me and delivered, and accepted by you. They are familiar with these pictures. You have some powerful help now from the unseen world in all areas of your life. Make the most of this help by doing good things for yourself at this time. You may see things improving in many ways now depending on how you take care of yourself and your wellbeing. It is good to stay away from Ouija Boards at this time. I use a lot of protection from negative influences in my spells which is very important. Beware of uninformed spellcasters in this regard. Spells are not instant.

 The next note came shortly after I received the pictures and was considerably more exciting!
I have cast the Gay Love Spell for you. 
Say aloud 3 times at night:
I Lee G. announce to the universe Brian B. will come to me and love only me, and will give me undying love, affection, attention and passion.
 Read it when you say it so you say it just as I wrote it. 3 Times on one night only.
When you say this it will show your participation in the spell and the changes you want will begin. Then you must relax and let the forces happen how they want. You have shown you are serious, announced your desires, and will now go on taking care of yourself and your needs. Turn your thoughts and actions to improving your life and take action do things every day, to make life better in the long run for yourself. This spell will increase many times over the benefits of things you do for yourself now. You have been heard, your desires made known. Your actions will be blessed, and your love will in time come to you. If you can, leave your love alone and let the spell do its work, knowing that things are moving the way you want them to. Changes are now beginning. 
What choice did I have? I had to say the words three times that night for the gay love spell to start. It felt a little kooky, but I did it. Then I got the next set of messages. Messages which essentially give the spell caster an out if the spell doesn't work, or does not seem to work. Also, there was some weird stuff about money and burning sensations. Read for yourself:
My spells often surprise people who have stopped thinking about them, people don't realize that when they get a lot of money it is a result of the spell. Or others who have purchased a Lover Return Spell have said things like "I thought he was gone for good, but he was just taking a break." Others have had my spell deliver results after they purchased the same spell from someone else. So it's not uncommon for people to achieve results they wanted without giving credit to my spell. They look for a week, two weeks, for results, but the spells make such big changes that it takes time. So then they are not aware that the spell has worked, and is responsible for making the positive changes that have occurred. 
These are real spells adapted to work over the medium of the internet. I put no time frame on any spell for results since the rest is up to them to work in the best way they can for your optimum life and joy. The spirit beings who work with me on these spells see an overview of your life and know how to adjust it for the best outcome. It is all up to them and they know more than we ever can. They will always improve your life in ways that cannot be foreseen in addition to the spell. Any self destructive habits, or other spells that have been cast without the proper protection from negative entities will make their job more difficult. 
I have developed this spell after channeling spirit guides for many years and was directed by them to cast spells to help people have happier lives. 
Thank you for allowing me (and my unseen friends) to serve you. You have had the best spells available anywhere cast for you by a dedicated witch. I enjoy my craft, and am proud of the help I have brought to people. I am here if you have any questions at any time.
Don't be alarmed if you feel some strange sensations at some point soon. At least once a week someone mentions this, often as they either look at the pictures or say the final message. This is spirit activity around you causing changes in skin temperature or other sensations and is harmless.
I was actually really impressed with the amount of communication and instruction I was getting for my $5. The person on the other end was really going the extra mile to make sure I thought she was sincere and was really trying to help me fall in love with someone who might be right for me. That was until I cast the second gay love spell and got the exact same messages and exact same set of images. Clearly, there was a pre-canned script with an "insert name here" space in certain places. I was kind of bummed. However, I still wanted to see this through to to the end. So, I waited my 10 or so days, and started conducting my interviews with the my potential soul mates.

First was Brian. Brian had full knowledge of the spell. Brian lives in a far away magical realm called Colorado. I live in North Carolina. Despite the distance, Brian and I have been able to spend a couple of weeks together and have gotten to know each other somewhat. We also chit chat a good bit online and try to amuse each other with silly images from the internet and pictures of our various hiking adventures.  During the 10 days, we maintained what I would consider our normal amount of communication. But, we did have one semi-unusual, more serious than normal conversation. Brian is a bit of a smart-ass. Which is one of the things I like most about him.

Lee: the last 10 days, did you think of me more than you normally do?
Brian: Well, I did make a veggie dog the other day, slathered it in relish and sauerkraut, and set it in two warm buns. So then your butt came on my mind. No pun intended.

Lee: Hahah. Did you think of me any differently than you normally do?
Brian: Well, I usually think about food all the time, but you've been an aspect of pretty much everything I eat. Veggie dogs, zucchini, a big, sloppy burrito spewing out hot molten bean and cheese magma. I guess you could say I have a hunger for you randomly.

You wouldn't happen to be filled with beans and cheese, would you?

Lee: Only on Thursdays.
Brian: I've got two more days then.

Lee: But seriously, I did give you the heads up about the spell ahead of time. Did you notice anything different at all?
Brian: Not that I'm really aware of. You're a good guy and you cross my mind, but I've never had you cross my mind over a period of every single minute. Did you find this witch who cast the spell on Craigslist or something? Does she have a degree in Witchcraft?

Jared lives about 90 miles away from me in North Carolina. We have spent some time hanging out and hiking together. Jared has a pretty good sense of humor but is a bit more forthright and sincere than most people I know. We also talk sporadically on Facebook and by text. I did not tell Jared anything about the love spell. After about 8 days, I told him I needed to talk to him and on day 10 we were able to connect.

Lee: So...10 days ago I had a witch from put a Love Spell on the two of us! The gist of the Fiverr offer was: I can cast a Gay Love Spell for you, making spiritual contact with this very special person - to convey your dreams, your desires, your love. And if there is a possibility that they could be interested in you, this spell could dramatically intensify their feelings toward you! that the spell has been on you for a bit, I have some questions
Jared: Let's do it!

Lee: Have you found yourself thinking of me in the last 10 days?
Jared: Yeah, especially after I saw that awesome picture of me.

Lee: Hahah. That was only two days ago.
Jared: Yeah, well, I didn't know what you wanted to talk to me about until just now! But, yeah, I was reminding myself somewhat regularly that I needed to talk to you about what you had mentioned.

Lee: Did you feel any differently towards me as you thought about me?
Jared: Naw, not really, just good ol' Lee.

Lee: Now...part of the witch's instructions included: "Don't be alarmed if you feel some strange sensations at some point soon. This is spirit activity around you causing changes in skin temperature or other sensations and is harmless." Have you felt any burning or tingling sensations in the last 10 days?
Jared: Yeah, but that might be medically related too....

Lee: At any point over the last 10 days did you feel compelled to reach out to me?
Jared: Hmm...yeah, I was interested in getting the full scoop on Pride at one point.

Lee: Well that was actually after the spell was cast! The spell was cast on the 16th. I guess technically that was the first day of Pride. But, the parade and stuff I participated in was the 17th.

Lee: Are you, Jared, currently in love with me?
Jared: I don't believe in love.

Jason is the friend I chose not to have a gay love spell cast upon but I told him I did. I have known Jason for a long, long time. During this entire time, he has been in a committed relationship and he and his boyfriend just got legally married! I figured he would make the perfect control because there is no real romantic connection between us. Jason is also a talented wig and costume designer who works for plays and television shows while he finishes up his masters degree. Jason has designed some pretty outlandish costumes for me on a personal basis. We also hike together from time to time. He is a really great guy.

Lee: In the last 10 days, have you thought of me at all?
Jason: You mean have I thought of you any more than I normally do?

Lee: Ya, like more than you normally do.
Jason: I don’t know, I don’t…

Lee: I mean I don’t know how often you actually normally think of me.
Jason: It’s funny because I talked about you when I was in Colorado. My Mom is always asking so where did you go hiking now? And I say Lee and I haven’t been able because I have been working. And, I had just made that costume for you so I am showing everybody the pictures of your costume.

Lee: So it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary?
Jason: No. I would say it’s normal. And I love you, I just don’t LOOOOOVE you.

Lee: Did you at any point have any burning sensations or hot flashes?
Jason: Any burning sensations? Are you saying you gave me virtual VD or something?

Lee: Hahah. The spell instructions say, "Don't be alarmed if you feel some strange sensations at some point soon. At least once a week someone mentions this, often as they either look at the pictures or say the final message. This is spirit activity around you causing changes in skin temperature or other sensations and is harmless."
Jason: I did not get virtual VD from the virtual witch…from you. I’m concerned that you are concerned about your virtual VD. Maybe you should get that checked out. But, no, I can’t say that I felt any spiritual energy in regards to this.

Lee:, here’s my last little confession. I told you the other day that I cast a love spell on you and that I needed to question you about it, but I didn’t actually cast a love spell on you.
Jason: Oh, you didn’t? (laughter) Because I was gonna say…why were you choosing me!?
_ _ _

When all is said and done, I am not really 100% sure what to think about this experience. I would say I am 90% convinced that my pals had no real change in how they regard me. But there is that nagging 10% that says "well...maybe..." There is no way to know for sure. Certainly, they don't think anything less of me. And, the conversations I had with each of them about the gay love spell more than made it all worth while. And maybe having them participate in this story brought us all just a tiny bit closer.

I actually really enjoyed the overall experience. Would I have more love spells cast? Probably not. Do I regret spending the $10? Not in the least. Do I believe in witchcraft and spells? Not really, no. Do I believe in love? Absolutely. 

-Illustrations by Jake Rohdy.

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