Friday, February 12, 2016

Drop Everything You Are Doing And Check Out The Breathtaking Photography of Lionel André

We have featured a lot of really wonderful photographers on this blog. But as great as the others are, none have astonished us the way French photographer Lionel André has. His work is a series of one jaw dropping portrait after the next, each one showing us just how beautiful the male form can be.

Based in south of France, Lionel has been published in numerous magazines and catalogs across the USA, UK, Australia, and France.His work has been included in the campaigns for underwear and swimwear brands such as Aware Soho, Modus Vedendi, Addicted, BWET, Todd Sanfield, Garcon Francais, and more.

He explains his beginnings:
I think I must have been about seven years old when I was given my first camera. It may only have been a black box with a little eye for a lens but this first encounter with photography was enough to ignite a passion which would stay with me into adulthood. Aged fifteen, I got my first reflex camera and my passion began to gather more momentum.
Take a look at the pics below. Click on any to view full size. If you love  Lionel André's work as much as we do, we suggest checking out his Website, Behance, Twitter, and Facebook!

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