Friday, August 29, 2014

Watch: Pixel Poetry Documentary Trailer - A Film About Games, Art, Society & Culture

Director Richard Cook, Gamestar Arts, and Devolver Digital Films just released Pixel Poetry, a comprehensive documentary about the art of video games, how they help shape culture, and the debate about their effect on societal norms and the way we look at the world. Cook interviews an impressive array of video game industry designers, voice actors, artists, critics, and even a street artist whose murals are inspired by years and years of video game play. The personalities include former G4 host Adam Sessler, Wired's Chris Kohler, and Sims/Star Wars developer Gordon Walton. There is a full list of everyone and their professional credentials over at the Pixel Poetry website!

Here's a more official synopsis:
"Pixel Poetry" is a documentary film about progressive creative culture as it has been championed by one of its greatest advocates - videogames. Using popular debates that have long surrounded videogames as a catalyst for this, the film will analyze the misunderstood notions and arguments in art and technological advancement to bring a new perspective to a compelling discussion about the evolution of its meaning.

While talking to Richard Cook via the internet, we asked him what compelled to embark on such a huge undertaking! Here's his reaction:
Pixel Poetry came out of realization that gaming has expanded beyond any definition we could have anticipated. What games are addressing now has excelled past any preconceived notions we had about art, technology, community, education, you name it. I wanted my film to be a cornerstone of discussion about it, since I consider the time we're in now to be a huge turning point in how we embrace all facets of creative culture.
Currently, Cook is gearing the film up to make the rounds at festivals and cons in 2015. However, you can watch the film on a pay per view basis over at According to their website, plans are also in the works for the film to be available on cable VOD, XBox, Playstation, Roku, Vudu, Netflix, and Hulu.

Watch the trailer below. Also, visit the Pixel Poetry Website, Facebook, and Twitter for more updates. And, go watch the full movie over at!

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