Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mad Monster Party 2014 Recap!

So, we went to Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC last weekend (March 21st - 23rd)! Overall, we had a pretty darn great time. It was my very first time at a horror/sci-fi convention, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But, all the celebrities were surprisingly good natured, the cosplay folks were great sports, and the artists were top notch. Highlights included Little Nell and Barry Bostwick from Rocky Horror Picture show unexpectedly joining in The Floor Show during a screening of RHPS (though Patricia Quinn was also there and couldn't be more friendly and adorable in person), Tom Savini stalking a completely unaware 10 year old girl, and Henry Winkler taking the time to talk to pretty much every single person who accosted him in the hallway. We also enjoyed the costume contest on Saturday night. Heather Langenkamp, Corey Feldman, and The Misfits' Doyle really interacted with the crowds, too. The only negative things were the venue was way too small and for this event and they refused to allow anything other than cell phones and iPads for photos unless you were with a major media outlet.

Here's a complete list of the celebrities in attendance. If you are on the West Coast and get a chance to go to the Mad Monster Party in Phoenix in June 2014, we suggest you go, but really buy the advance three day pass, it's the most bang for the buck.

These first 6 costume contest photos are courtesy of Spectre Photography! The rest of the cell phone pics we took ourselves! Click on any photo to enlarge it!

-Header image is by Spectre Photography.
-Thanks to That Type RHPS for the YouTube video!

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