Monday, March 9, 2015

This Gay Life: A Coming of Age Webcomic Series by Mark C. Lindsey

This Gay Life is a wonderful webcomic series by artist/illustrator Mark C. Lindsey about coming of age in the 80s. It is filled with illustrated tales of art school, clubbing, dating, and being a dirt poor student learning how to exist in this crazy world. Even better, it is infused with a New Wave/early Indie Rock sound track that totally sets the mood and tone for each episode. By this I mean, some episodes of the webcomic comes with an MP3 player featuring a companion song that is meant to be played as you begin reading. Sometimes, he offers a complete 80s mix tape. It really kinda makes everything even more fun! Mark has also started doing some basic animation versions of the webcomic, too.

Mark C. Lindsey is an artist and writer currently living in New York City. He is the illustrator of the children's book "Away and Back"(2011, Mark Lindsey and Diane Welker) and the author and illustrator of "Faces New York - A Series of Drawings from the Subways"(2012). According to Mark's own description, This Gay Life is a "comic book about some of the formative experiences of my younger self, is a work of fiction. All of the characters here have been created, combined, extrapolated, reversed or invented. Any character outside of myself bearing a resemblance to anyone living or dead is coincidental."

Like most artists, Mark tends to give limited information on himself. When we asked for a little bit of info on the inspiration behind This Gay Life, here's what he told us, "This Gay Life is a coming of age comic.  It will be in print,  but I love the digital aspect, that it lives on the web, and that I am starting to use animation more. Season 3 is nearly up, and there will be a 4th."

If you would like to learn more about Mark, we suggest his websites ThisGayLife and, his vlog This Week In The Culture, and #facesnewyork.


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