Thursday, December 18, 2014

10 "Interesting" Gay X-Mas Items We Found on ETSY - 2014 Edition!

So, every year we like to go to ETSY and type in the search term "Gay Christmas" and see what pops up. While last year's batch of Etsy wares bordered on the kitschy, this year's results made us feel like we needed to take a very long shower with lots and lots of soap. So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are ten potential gay gift ideas thanks to good people selling their creations on Etsy!

#1) Sexy Thang Crochet Penis!
Nothing fills you with Holiday spirit quite like a seven inch knit penis wearing a Santa hat. Toss in two hand written notes saying Sexy and Thang, googly eyes, and a beard, and you've got yourself a deal! It's a steal at $15.00.

#2) Handmade Screen Print Butt Plug Tree Topper
Name me one person who wouldn't want one of these lovely ten and a half inch beauties capping off their tree this year?

#3) I Love Feltching T-Shirt!
No matter how you chose to spell felching, you can't ignore the sentiment. This listing title is officially:
I Love Feltching Tee T Shirt Secret Santa Christmas Gift Gay.

#4) Lot of Four Nude Watercolor Paintings
How these are still available a week before X-mas is a complete mystery to me.

#5) Put In My Ass Rainbow Brooch
This wonderful polymer clay pin ships all the way from the gay friendly shores of Indonesia!

#6) Saint Cher Prayer Candle
This eight inch tall unscented candle encourages you to pray to believe in life after love. No, really. It is in the description.

#7) Jingle F*cken Balls Holiday Card
This will look great on the mantle!

#8) Blue Flames Penis Apron
Their description says, "Grab your meat (so funny), your tongs and a real man’s apron – lets BBQ!!!"

#9) Vagitarian T-Shirt
The official listing title on this wonderful Holiday gift idea is:
Womens Vagitarian Lesbian T-shirt Funny Gay Pride Tshirt LGBT Pussy Cat Rainbow Girls shirt Christmas Gift For Girlfriend

Village People Song Art "YMCA" Paperweight
Not even going to ask what happened to the biker member of The Village People. He seems to have gone missing.

-Cardinal Image in header by Emily Bluestar. Used by Creative Commons License.

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