Friday, October 25, 2013

Why Does My Boyfriend's Penis Stink?!!

Ok. Start rejoicing. We are going to have a frank conversation about this seemingly silly subject. Too many of us have suffered in silence over our man’s junk either being too funky smelling or, worse, smelling (or, gag me, tasting) like fish. On more than one occasion I have gone to service a lover only to be turned back by an unpleasant odor, and that is putting it mildly.

The primary and most obvious reason for genital odor is poor hygiene, especially among the uncircumcised. Easy fix. If you don’t feel like embarrassing your boyfriend, simply suggest you take a sexy shower together and wash his private parts for him in a playful seductive manner. But, ultimately, if this is an ongoing problem, you might want to gently let him know his cleanliness is not up to par and it’s turning you off. Uncircumcised men need to be sure to pull the foreskin all the way back and wash the head of the penis at least twice a day.

However, there can be more serious reasons for odor. If your man washes on a regular basis and the smell keeps returning quickly, it could be a number of medical conditions. Ongoing smells can be the result of an ongoing bacterial or yeast infection. Also, Urinary Tract Infections can cause the urine to smell and as a result make the penis itself smell. If there is a persistent odor, a visit to the doctor might be in order. Also, more drastically, a fishy smelling penis can be a serious sign of diabetes called Ketonuria. But only a doctor can let you know for sure.

So, if your boyfriend is fastidious in nature about his personal hygiene and continues to smell, drag him in to a visit to the physician. No sense in both of you suffering in silence. If he is just a dirty bastard, cut him off until he cleans up his act.

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