Thursday, October 31, 2013

Video Pick Of The Week: Lovers In Paradise!

For a limited time only, you can get our Video Pick of the Week Lovers In Paradise for 25% off! Just follow any of the Lovers in Paradise links and enter code AMBLOG at checkout!

Here's the synopsis from Lucas Entertainment:
"Leave behind your everyday troubles and escape with the “Lovers in Paradise” where you’ll see the most exotic and passionate sex ever witnessed. In the beginning Vito Gallo and D.O. make love to each other in a candlelit bedroom. Tiziano Fuentes lets go of his inhibitions and gives himself to Wagner Vittoria. Paddy O’Brian and Diego Lauzen have passionate sex under a waterfall. Adam Killian teaches Jake Genesis a lesson in tough love. And Rod Daily whisks Jesse Santana away into a tropical forest for some romance."

162 breath taking minutes. Just take a look at the photos below! To watch a full trailer, go here. But, be sure to come back to purchase the movie for 25% off!

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