Monday, July 18, 2016

Sneak Preview: Robert Fraser & Butch McLogic's "Beautiful Dead 2"

Class Comics has really outdone itself this time. At last, Robert Fraser and Butch McLogic's long awaited follow up to Beautiful Dead is here! Beautiful Dead 2 brings us back into the world of frisky young lovers Gage and Hayden as they fight their way through the zombie apocalypse.

Here's the official synopsis:
Gage and Hayden continue their perilous journey together through the zombie filled infected zone in order to get far enough away to bang each other in relative safely. 
The lads receive mysterious assistance from an unknown collaborator that might be helping them along, or might be sending them to certain death. Unfortunately in times like this, there’s only one way to find out.Their designated detour brings them to the source of the outbreak, but at the same time lands them in a mad man’s lecherous hands. 
Sadly only one of our sexy travelers makes it to a local airstrip and discovers the bigger picture of the undead epidemic. But that doesn’t mean he’s reached a place of safety quite yet! By the end of this comic both Gage and Hayden might have joined the undead!
Robert Fraser's storytelling really messes with our emotions this time around. I never thought a Class Comics book packed with cute guys having sex would bring me down, but here we are. You really kinda need to read this one for yourself.

There's a standard edition available that gives you everything you need to make your day complete. But, there is also a Jacob Mott variant edition available with a different cover and three exclusive pin ups by Mott. Oh...and be sure to click through to either if you wanna see previews of the sex stuff!

Let's just hope they don't make us wait so long for BD3!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bryan Hawn Tells the Haters To "Kiss My Ass" in Fun New Video!

What's not to like about Bryan Hawn? He's fun, irreverent, and smokin' hot. Bryan is a guy who clearly knows how to enjoy life and that is certain to draw criticism from more than a few uptight, repressed human beings. To those, he fittingly says "Kiss My Ass." Watch the tush filled video below.

If you like Bryan, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel and Facebook Page!

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Friday, July 8, 2016

AdamMaleBlog Exclusive: Sex Toys Inserted Into Classic Horror Movie Posters!

Sometimes our desire to amuse each other around the office leads to good "terrible" ideas! Here's nine classic horror movie posters where a key element was replaced with a sex toy. Let us know what we missed and we will try to add it to the list for the next batch! Click any pic to enlarge.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sebb Argo: Straight Girls React To Sex Toys!

We sent YouTuber Sebb Argo a box full of sex toys. He decided to show them to a group of his straight female pals. The resulting video will charm the pants off you. Take a look.

And if you like Sebb Argo, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Book Preview: Naked Ibiza by Photographer Dylan Rosser

Gay publishing giant Bruno Gmünder has teamed up with photographer Dylan Rosser distributing his latest release Naked Ibiza. Rosser started work on Naked Ibiza four exciting years ago. After visiting Ibiza regularly since 2000, he decided to leave London for it, with the intention of photographing models outdoors in nature, something that was new to him after primarily indoor studio work. “I wanted to work with more models in different locations at different times of the year to provide a more vivid picture of this Mediterranean island paradise,” he puts it.

“I am very proud of the mix of models who have been part of this project,” Rosser says. “Some are experienced guys with huge fan bases while others are brand new, but definitely on their way to big success. You will see muscled professional body builders and lean athletic guys. Not every image is a nude, as there are some beautiful portraits of which I am proud.”

Dylan Rosser has been shooting the male nude for almost two decades and has worked with beautiful men from all around the globe. Based mainly in Ibiza (Balearic Islands), he often works in other locations like NYC, Paris, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Bali, Sydney.

Besides the focus on the male nudes, he has worked on many underwear/swimwear campaigns for the ADDICTED brand and was responsible for the collaboration with ADDICTED and BelAmi in 2014/2015.

His work has graced the covers of countless international publications and he has photographed many celebrities for GayTimes Magazine over the years, especially their regular "Naked Issues" for charity.

In addition to the preview images below, there is also a NSFW video that you can watch. It's even too hot for us to show. Just click here if you wanna watch it!

In North America, you can get a copy of Naked Ibiza HERE!

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

YouTubers Austin and Nicolay Try Out Clone-A-Willy Kits, Show Results!

We sent adorable couple Austin and Nicolay some Clone-A-Willy kits to see what kind of fun video they could create! The result is sheer magic. They expertly walk us through the process start to finish and the looks on their faces when they see the final product is priceless. This video is a must watch. Oh, and if you wanna see the finished product, you can check it out on Nicolay's Twitter.

If you like what you see, be sure to follow Austin and Nicolay on YouTube!

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Monday, June 20, 2016

AdamMaleBlog Exclusive: Googly Eyes on Gay Porn Box Covers #9

OMG has it really been a year since we last did a Googly Eyes on Gay Porn Box Covers! We have to fix that right now. So, we are back with a new edition of our favorite hobby - putting googly eyes on gay porn box covers. This time around, we can't stop giggling over the titles "She Can't Find Out I'm Gay" and "Icons." If you want to check out our other Googly installments, click these links: Googly Eyes #1 Googly Eyes #2 Googly Eyes #3 Googly Eyes #4 Googly Eyes #5 Googly Eyes #6 Googly Eyes #7 Googly Eyes #8

All images copyright their respective studios. Box covers used with permission and provided by

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