Friday, March 6, 2015

The Lavender Effect: Preserving LGBTQ Culture Through Oral History

We are at a really interesting point in gay history. Gay rights and gay marriage will soon be the norm and all of the struggles and battles fought over the last fifty to sixty years will inevitably become a fading memory. Heck, a lot of younger people aren't even aware of how much the older generations sacrificed to get us to this point in time.

This is where The Lavender Effect comes in. The Lavender Effect is an California based non-profit whose mission is to "document LGBTQ people’s history and contributions to society, demystify the spectrum of human sexuality, and celebrate the essential benefits of diversity."

To this end, they have started The Lavender Effect’s Oral History Project. The OHP captures video testimonies from members of the LGBTQ community and supportive allies who were integral participants or witnesses to a historic event or movement. They oral histories come from activists, politicians, publishers, ministers...everyone on the front lines in the battle for our civil rights. Their is a rush to record many of these folks before we lose them to old age. Watch some of the videos below!

Of course, their mission doesn't end with just oral history. They plan on opening a headquarters with a sound stage, performance space, gallery space, workshops, and museum.
There is an urgent need to to educate both our young people and the population-at-large of the positive impact LGBTQ people have on civilization. Our visibility has never been greater and yet many people are living in fear and hopelessness. Though we have made enormous strides over the past half-century, homophobia still exists, and the global epidemic of disenfranchised gay teens continues.
Learn more about The Lavender Effect at their Website and Facebook page!

TROY PERRY is the founder of the Metropolitan Community Church, a church known for celebrating and accepting the LGBTQ community. His personal story of coming out, to himself, his family and his church is touching and inspiring. After being told to resign as a preacher in a local church in Illinois, Perry thought his relationship with God was over. It wasn’t until after a suicide attempt that he had an epiphany; God wanted him to create a church for the queer community, and in1968 he did just that. Since then, MCC has grown significantly, reaching multiple cities internationally. He has preformed same sex unions as early as 1970 and ordained women as pastors since 1972. He has also been active in advocacy work, opposing the Briggs Initiative and Anita Bryant in the Save the Children Campaign in the ‘70s. He planned the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1979 with Robin Tyler and has even been invited to speak at the White House multiple times.

A trailblazing politician, SHEILA KUEHL, has served Los Angeles well and paid particular attention to vulnerable populations, including the LGBTQ community. She was the first openly gay politician to serve on the California State legislature, where she served out all possible terms. Currently running for LA County Supervisor, she has opened Kuehl Consulting, served as the Founding Director of Public Policy Institute at Santa Monica College and authored “Safe At School,” a policy white paper addressing the need for safe schools for LGBT students. Among many other causes, Kuehl has fought for over 171 bills that were signed into law, including legislation that has established paid family leave, established the rights contained in Roe vs. Wade in California statute, overhauled California’s child support services system, established nurse to patient ratios in every hospital, required that housing developments of more than 500 units have identified sources of water, furthered protection for domestic violence victims and their children, prohibited discrimination on the basis of gender and disability in the workplace and sexual orientation in education, and increased the rights of crime victims; safeguard the environment and drinking water.

Bill Rosendahl is not like your stereotypical politician. He is known for being quirkily and extremely nice, motivated by a need to give back to his communities. Representing District 11 in Los Angeles City Council for seven years he was also the first openly gay man elected to the LA City Council, making him LA’s highest ranking LGBTQ official. He is well known for making an agreement between LAX and nearby neighborhoods that prevented unwanted airport expansion. Outside of politics, Rosendahl is known for his work as a television broadcaster for public affairs shows like Local Talk and Beyond the Beltway. From 1969-1971 he also served as a counselor in the US Army for soldiers returning from Vietnam. Over the years he has served on multiple boards and commissions and has been the recipient of multiple awards including the Los Angeles League of Women Voters’ “Public Service Award, James Madison Freedom of Information Award” and the “Cable Ace Award.”

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Davey Wavey and Present: Straight Guy Bottoms For First Time!

We teamed up with our good pal Davey Wavey to in hopes of finding a straight man willing to try an anal toy for the first time. After an exhaustive search, Davey finally found intrepid straight man Donald, a
relationship coach by trade, who was willing to give a prostate stimulator a try! Watch the video! The facial expressions are priceless! But, more importantly, the conversation surrounding the stigma of anal pleasure in the straight world is wonderfully frank and sincere.

It's also fun to hear Donald's girlfriend cackling with glee in the background.

Be sure to visit Davey Wavey at his Website or YouTube Channel!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Exclusive Podcast: Treklenburg Episode #59

Hosts Michael Earle and Molly Jay hilariously talk all things Star Trek.
In this episode, Mike and Molly pay their respects to the passing of Leonard Nimoy. Also, they discuss TOS episodes "The Alternative Factor" and "Amok Time."

Original broadcasts of Treklenburg are Monday nights at 8pm EST on

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Amok Time by Puggdogg

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Morning Dance Party: Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (feat. MØ)

Check out the great track "Lean On" from the upcoming new Major Lazer album. Diplo has already announced that the new album will feature Gwen Stefani, Pusha T, Travis $cott, Ellie Goulding, and 2 Chainz, in addition to MØ. Enjoy!

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

10 Guinea Pigs Who Are Better At Cosplay Than Humans

Nobody can resist adorable rodents in costumes. However, after going to a good number of Cons in the last few years, we have started to notice that maybe, just maybe, our cute little guinea pig friends might just be better at this whole cosplay thing than their human counterparts! So, here are ten side by side comparisons to prove our point. We rest our case.

#1) Jason Vorhees

#2) Spider Man

#3) Pikachu

#4) Sailor Moon

#5) Batman

#6) Freddy Krueger

#7) Chun Li

#8) Captain America

#9) Unicorn

#10) Mario

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***We used widely circulated images from the internet. If you own and image and want us to remove it, please just send us an email.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Normal Gays: An Interview w/ Sketch Comedy Artist Tommy Do

About six months ago, I happened upon the hilarious gay themed sketch comedy video series Normal Gays and was pretty much hooked instantly. The premise of the internet based show is simple - gay guys having completely normal conversations while something wonderfully absurd is going on around them. Sometimes the craziness is obvious from start to finish and the characters just ignore it as if it is common place, sometimes it casually reveals itself as the sketch unfolds. Regardless, it's pretty much always good for a laugh. The scene that got me hooked featured two guys doing sit ups in their apartment complex gym. Every time they would come up, they would blow a kiss or lovingly crinkle their nose. I won't even spoil the surprise by telling you what was really going on in this scene. But, I strongly suggest you watch the first video below!
Click to enlarge. It's worth it!

Normal Gays is the brainchild of professional figure skater/comedian Tommy Do, which he says "is not a joke and probably the gayest thing you'll hear all day." Tommy studies both improv and sketch at the Uprights Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. Along with The Groundlings and Second City, UCB has developed some of the best writers and comedians currently working on shows such as Saturday Night Live, VEEP, and Parks and Recreation. According to Do, "UCB has also developed some not so talented writers who are currently working as figure skaters."  All kidding aside, Tommy contributes to the UCB monthly sketch show, The Livia Scott Sketch Program as well as the first satirical women's magazine, Reductress. Tommy is also the first person whose publicity photo made me splurt diet soda on my computer monitor.

We reached out to Tommy Do via the internet and begged him to an interview with us. Despite currently touring for his gig as a figure skater, Tommy agreed to sit down and answer a few of our highly dubious questions.

If you want to explore more Normal Gays videos on your own, we suggest their Website or YouTube page! Also, follow Tommy Do on Facebook!

Q:  Tommy, I have watched every single episode of Normal Gays numerous times and there is something I can't help but wonder. Do you always have 5 o'clock shadow?
Tommy: Haha. Unfortunately, yes. I try my best to look presentable, especially on camera, but if there's one thing I've learned from filming Normal Gays is that you can't fuck with HD. Also, I'm 100% Vietnamese and don't know anyone else in my gene pool that has to shave as often as I do.

Q: Did you already own a Sailor Moon costume, or did you buy it
specifically for the show?
Tommy: I made the sailor moon costume out of clothes my mother wears to work. My mother is Sailor

Q:  Can you walk us through the production process? Are episodes scripted? Or does everyone get to improvise?
Tommy: When we shoot we have a very limited time to get all the footage, so the episodes are very scripted. We improvise sometimes to make the dialogue sound more natural, but the shooting day is very much produced. This isn't to say we don't like to have fun on set. I'm not Hitler.

Q: One thing I adore about the show is how much nonsense is going on in the background. How much of that is planned vs. how much is just a happy accident?
Tommy: I would say about 90% percent of the background action is planned, and 10% of it is a boy in his underwear wanting to get more YouTube face time.

Q: I noticed a bottle of Take It Bitch lube in the background of a scene. That lube is normally used for extra, extra large appendages! I suppose you are going to try to pretend that wasn't your house!
Tommy: Haha. My amazing friend Brett Casiraghi (who appears in that episode) graciously let us use his beautiful pied-à-terre. The 'Take It Bitch' lube is one of the many artifacts he has on display in his living room.

Q:  How liberating was it to be the first gay man to actually shit glitter?
Tommy: Wait, you don't shit glitter?

Q:  Is it difficult to talk your friends into participating in the show?
Tommy: NO! I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT! jkjkjkjkjkjkjk. I'm actually very lucky to have awesome friends who help me produce the show and make it super funny. I'm also very lucky to have awesome friends who will work for free food and attention.

Q: How many of the sketches are based on true events?
Tommy: A lot of the dialogue is taken out of real conversations I've had or my friends have had. The goal of Normal Gays is to show viewers that everyone is normal and also gay.

Q: Normal Gays gets wonderfully irreverent. Is there any subject matter that you would feel is too taboo for the show?
Tommy: Rape.

Q:  Can we expect a Season 3?!
Tommy: You can expect a Season 300! We're just going to keep going forever like the NOW CDs!
We have so much fun making them, so I think as long as it's a good time, we'll keep producing them. We're also hoping to get turned into a tv show (shocking) so if you're, like, a network big wig then, like, call me. duh.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Book Preview: Studio 54 by Hasse Persson

This week Studio 54, a wonderful new photo book from famed photo journalist Hasse Persson, was released via Swedish publisher Max Ström. The book is a wondrous blur of smoke filled scenes from the heyday of this iconic nightclub. You will see celebrities galore, most prominent of which is Andy Warhol and his many friends as Andy notoriously haunted Studio 54 on a regular basis.

Persson spent hundreds of nights at Studio 54 between 1977 and 1980. His pictures have become legendary. Now, they are published in book form for the first time.

Persson's bio is filled with amazing accomplishments and accolades:

Born in 1942, Persson has enjoyed a lengthy career as a photo-journalist, principally in the United States. When based in New York for almost a quarter of a century (1967-1990), he covered the world. He has published five books on American themes and his photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines like The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, Paris-Match and Life as well as the Scandinavian press. 
Since his debut exhibition in 1974 at Stockholm’s Moderna Museet, Persson’s museum exhibitions have attracted attention both nationally and internationally. He has been artistic director of the Hasselblad Center in Gothenburg and art museum director of the Borås art museum in western Sweden and is currently artistic director of the Strandverket Konsthall in Marstrand on the Swedish west coast. 
Hasse Persson has been awarded Sweden’s H.M. The King’s Medal, 8th Size, “for his artistic contributions as photographer".
 In the US, you can pick up a copy of Studio 54 at Amazon! Be sure to visit Hasse Persson's website, too, for lots more photos and information!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Exclusive Podcast: Treklenburg Episode #58

Hosts Michael Earle and Molly Jay hilariously talk all things Star Trek.
In this episode, since Mike and Molly got pleasantly sidetracked by indie musician Benji Hughes last week, they finally tackle TOS episodes "Operation Annihilate" and "City on the Edge of Forever." Also, they take a look at a few more episodes on IO9's Top 100 Star Trek Episode list!
Original broadcasts of Treklenburg are Monday nights at 8pm EST on

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