Sunday, March 27, 2016

Book Preview: "Secret Places" by Photographer Jean-Baptiste Huong

Preview the latest release from gay publishing house Bruno Gmünder! Secret Places features the exquisite photography of Parisian Jean-Baptiste Huong. Born in Saigon (Vietnam), Jean-Baptiste Huong is a director, editor and image designer based in Paris. His work has always been heavily influenced by Cinematography – a subject he studied for several years at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University.

Huong explains Secret Places this way:
As far as I can remember, decors have never been less important than models when it comes to my pictures. I believe that the best frames are a perfect balance between
the right people and the right setting. It’s the same thing in life: Sometimes it takes a special someone to make a special moment, in a special place. As a photographer,
I’m always looking to showcase a sense—my sense—of beauty. But then again, beauty can be found everywhere, in a diversity of bodies and spaces.
When you get that perfect combination, the result seems unreal. This book could have been called Serendipity—a ‘lucky coincidence.’ Except that there’s no chance here:
I do believe that we all have a secret garden somewhere to seek shelter, to disappear. Whether it’s a real one or just a state of mind. Whether we’re alone or with someone.
That’s what I tried to do in this book. Capture those moments where the right people are in the right places.
If you would like to learn more about Jean-Baptiste Huong, visit his wonderful website! If you are interested in the book, you can get a copy in North America at Amazon! 

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