Friday, March 11, 2016

Love Your Condom Answers - How Big Is the Average D*ck?!

New Zealand based non-profit Love Your Condom makes some of the most entertaining videos we have ever seen on the subject of gay sex and sexuality. Check out their terrific, but NSFW video, How Big is the Average Dick! In it, they not only explore the average size, but they either confirm or bust myths regarding the differences in Black Vs White, Gay Vs. Straight, and tell you which region of the world produces the largest number of highly well endowed gents. Also, you will learn the correct way to measure length!

But in the end, the message they want you to take away is Measure the Pleasure! Who cares about the size?! The amount of pleasure your partner can bring you is wayyy more important.

**Video is NSFW**

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