Saturday, October 26, 2013

Three Big Signs You Should Find A New Guy!

Maya Angelou had it 100% correct in her famous quote: “Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.” If the person you have been seeing for a short while exhibits any of these three behaviors, you owe it to yourself to move on to someone who will treat you and your burgeoning relationship with dignity and respect.

1) Never Makes Firm Plans
I’m sure everyone has been here before. We meet someone we kind of like, kind of think is cute, kind of would like to get to know better. We have already been on a few dates with this person so we ask “hey, do you want to get together this weekend?” If their answer is along the lines of “maybe that could work” or “possibly, let me get back to you after I see what my weekend looks like,” then it should be clear that this person is not really all that interested in you. If they have to wait and see if their better options fall through before committing to you, there is zero hope that this relationship will ever be anything worthwhile. Do yourself a favor and break it off now. Or, better yet, find another date. That way when they come to you Friday afternoon to see if you want to do something, you can tell them you have other plans.

2) Not Introducing You Around
If you have been out more than a few times and you have never met any of his/her friends, that could be a bad sign. Sure the first few dates we all want to be alone with the person we are seeing. But after that, it only stands to reason that you would incidentally run into a friend, roommate, co-worker, acquaintance out on the town or in the neighborhood somewhere. If it becomes clear that you have not been introduced to anyone they know, it might be time to find someone new. On a similar note, if you are out in public and they run into someone they know and don’t introduce you as a common courtesy, never go out with this person again. They either don’t want to introduce you or they are just being exceedingly rude. Either way, this is not to be tolerated. Find someone better.

3) No Public Affection
People who are happily dating smile, hold hands, touch each other, bump into each other while walking. It’s cute. It’s sweet. It makes you smile when you see other people behaving this way. If you have been out more than a few times and your date is showing no interest in touching you in public (especially if they touch you in private), then they are not worthy of your time and energy. Walk away. Yes, some people are shy and quiet and reserved. Your gut instincts will let you know when it’s more than that. If you try to hold their hand and they find a way out of it, or drop it when others are around, that will tell you everything you need to know.

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