Monday, December 7, 2015

Book Preview: Ohm Phanphiroj - The Space Between Us

Publishing house Bruno Gmünder is starting December off right with a wonderful limited edition run of photographer Ohm Phanphiroj's new book The Space Between Us. The book is a photo-journalistic memoir of his life and the men he’s encountered - some intimate, some casual, some shameful. The Space Between Us explores that strange side effect of human interaction: The more we try to get close to someone, the more distance we feel between us.

Ohm Phanphiroj, a Thai-born U.S. resident, is an internationally acclaimed photographer/filmmaker whose controversial projects deal with issues of sexuality, underprivileged people and subculture. Ohm has a law degree and three masters’-- in communication, filmmaking, and imaging arts. Ohm has exhibited worldwide, published countless books, and has received more than a dozen awards.

In  a 2013 interview with World Photography Organization, Ohm explains his work:
I started my artistic career in 1997, when I took my first photography class in college. My works won the national PDN award in the U.S. and subsequently led me to my agents in NYC, Australia, and London. I am inspired by the idea of capturing a raw beauty and the moment that is timeless. I want to record reality and create a story from it. I want to allow my audience to draw their personal story when looking at my images. 
I am not at all about technique, as I believe anyone can learn and master that easily. Rather, I am all about capturing emotion and haunting feelings, something that reflect the human psyche. I want to strip the elements down to the basic form-a pure beauty of life. I don’t retouch my image in any way, shape, or form. I love telling stories through the realness of my subjects.
If you'd like a copy before they are sold out, grab one over at Amazon.  You might also consider following Ohm on Facebook!

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