Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Exclusive Podcast: Treklenburg Episode #24

Hosts Michael Earle and Molly Jay hilariously talk all things Star Trek.
This week, Molly is finally back from tour and it's party time! Julia hangs out to greet Molly and makes the gang Star Trek inspired libations! Then all three Treklenburg crew members discuss their Top 5 alien vessels!

See below for the drink recipes from this week's show!
Original broadcasts of Treklenburg are Monday nights at 8pm EST on www.pmcradio.org.

Twist Full of Datas
Smokey, margarita-style beverage

1.5 oz lime juice, fresh squeezed
1 oz simple syrup
1 oz orange juice
2 oz Mezcal
1/2 oz hot sauce, Tabasco preferred
1 twist lemon as garnish

In a cocktail shaker, combine everything but the lemon twist and shake over ice 12-14 times
Strain and pour into a margarita glass, rimmed with salt and sugar, add lemon twist, serve

Bright blue brazillian rum beverage that will get you drunk, and how

1/2 lime, cut to 8 pieces
2 tsp Turbinado sugar
3 oz cachaça
1/2 oz blue curaçao

Put lime and sugar into a rocks glass, muddle thoroughly. Add crushed ice then cachaça and curaçao and serve

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