Wednesday, May 16, 2018

AdamMale Presents: Don't Break Your Neck! Use The Vibrating Sucking Stroker Instead!

We teamed up with the incredibly gorgeous Cory Lee and Max Adonis for a quick two minute video showing the dangers of trying to pleasure yourself orally! Also, we give a great suggestion for a fun, easy alternative - the Vibrating Sucking Stroker!

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Produced and directed by Brad Hammer Productions.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

AdamMale Presents: Boner Problems Video!

Having a problem with inappropriate woodies? Never fear, AdamMale is here! Starring Jojo Guadagno, Pipo Valderrama, Mikey Cabrera, MAX, the Double Time Twins, and Penny Peyrot. Directed by Brad Hammer. Use code POCKET when purchasing a Pocket Pulse and get Free Shipping in the US + 3 Free DVDs! Code pocket can also be used on other products for up to 50% Off. *exclusions apply. Discount works for 1 item only. Pocket Pulse unfortunately cannot be discounted.