Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Book Preview: Naked Ibiza by Photographer Dylan Rosser

Gay publishing giant Bruno Gmünder has teamed up with photographer Dylan Rosser distributing his latest release Naked Ibiza. Rosser started work on Naked Ibiza four exciting years ago. After visiting Ibiza regularly since 2000, he decided to leave London for it, with the intention of photographing models outdoors in nature, something that was new to him after primarily indoor studio work. “I wanted to work with more models in different locations at different times of the year to provide a more vivid picture of this Mediterranean island paradise,” he puts it.

“I am very proud of the mix of models who have been part of this project,” Rosser says. “Some are experienced guys with huge fan bases while others are brand new, but definitely on their way to big success. You will see muscled professional body builders and lean athletic guys. Not every image is a nude, as there are some beautiful portraits of which I am proud.”

Dylan Rosser has been shooting the male nude for almost two decades and has worked with beautiful men from all around the globe. Based mainly in Ibiza (Balearic Islands), he often works in other locations like NYC, Paris, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Bali, Sydney.

Besides the focus on the male nudes, he has worked on many underwear/swimwear campaigns for the ADDICTED brand and was responsible for the collaboration with ADDICTED and BelAmi in 2014/2015.

His work has graced the covers of countless international publications and he has photographed many celebrities for GayTimes Magazine over the years, especially their regular "Naked Issues" for charity.

In addition to the preview images below, there is also a NSFW video that you can watch. It's even too hot for us to show. Just click here if you wanna watch it!

In North America, you can get a copy of Naked Ibiza HERE!

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