Thursday, January 30, 2014

AdamMaleBlog Exclusive: Googly Eyes on Gay Porn Box Covers!

Well...I think the title explains it all...we needed a break from work, so we spent an hour putting googly eyes on gay porn box covers. We dare you not to giggle.

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Box covers provided by All images copyright their respective studios.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

AdamMaleBlog Exclusive Podcast: Treklenburg Ep. #3 & #4

AdamMaleBlog is completely thrilled to bring you our exclusive podcast: Treklenburg! Hosts Michael Earle and Molly Jay hilariously talk all things Star Trek. This week we have Episodes 3 and 4!  In episode #3, Mike and Molly discuss the which Star Trek recurring characters were most like MLK in their quest to bring civil rights to their people, which series had the best Doctor, and Top 10 Quark moments! In #4, Mike and Molly discuss the the incredibly insane TNG episode Fist Full of Datas. They close the show out with their 10 Favorite Shuttle Episodes. Tom Paris be damned.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Morning Dance Party: Fickle Friends "Swim"

This week's Monday Morning Dance Party comes from UK band Fickle Friends and their delightful track "Swim." We could all use thoughts of Summer during thing brutally cold winter! Enjoy! Also check out the great remix of the track from Brooklyn's Paperwhite!

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Undergear Line at AdamMale - Ergowear!

Wowza! Check out the great new line of Ergowear undergear over at! The single most important clothing element a man comes in touch with every day is underwear. All items that are part of the Ergowear collections are the result of extensive scientific research & development, sophisticated textile engineering and ergonomic design for an excellent fit to the male body. The pouch design lifts and enhances your anatomy giving you the perfect fit, style and support. You really can't go wrong with Ergowear. Click on any pic to get to the product page! Or click here to see all 27 styles!

You can get any single pair of Ergowear undergear for 25% off and get Free Shipping simply by entering code AMBLOG at checkout!

Or, if you are in the mood for something more adventurous, you can also use code AMBLOG to get 50% off almost any sex toy at plus Free Shipping!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

WUT #5 - An Original Webcomic Series

Installment #5 of Wut, our exclusive original webcomic series by creative genius MagicScienceland, proves that magic works in mysterious ways! This series makes so much more sense if you read all the panels, so see below this week's comic for links to the other episodes!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

AdamMaleBlog Exclusive Podcast: Treklenburg Episode #2

AdamMaleBlog is completely thrilled to bring you our exclusive podcast: Treklenburg! Hosts Michael Earle and Molly Jay hilariously talk all things Star Trek. In this episode, Mike and Molly discuss the Ferengi, from their first appearance on TNG to Wallace Shawn as the Grand Nagus on DS9. Also, which class of ship was the best! You might even hear Nichelle Nichols sing "Lady and the Tramp!" Don't get thrown off the top of the Sacred Marketplace, listen now!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

How To Make Valentine's Day A Success!

So, we all want to make our special someone feel loved on Valentine’s Day. What's  more, we would all probably like to get a little action on Valentine’s Night! So, here’s a few tips to make sure you accomplish both goals!

1) Make Reservations in Advance!
If you hope to go out to a romantic dinner, plan ahead! Be an adult and make reservations well in advance (like right now). Nothing is less romantic than driving from restaurant to restaurant trying to find a place to wine and dine your lover. Chances are you are going to end up at a family restaurant with pictures on the menu.

2) Buy Flowers/Gift!
Making the gesture of actually getting flowers and/or a gift for your companion will make them exceptionally happy. Even the staunchest of hearts melt when a gift arrives on Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to break the bank on this. But a token gift goes a long, long way.

3) Show Up On Time!
Never, never, never keep your date waiting on Valentine’s Day.  Even if you have lived together for 25 years, make sure you arrive when you say you will. Being late sets a negative tone for the evening that is seriously difficult to recover from.

4) Put The Phone Away!
Make sure your date has your undivided attention on Valentine’s Day. So turn the phones off so you are not even tempted to look at texts, emails, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else. And please, please, please do not Instagram photos of your dinner.

5) Sincerely Complement!
Complements that come from the heart will make your loved one feel great. Please make sure they are sincere and that it is obvious you mean them.

6) Do Not Go To Or Do Any of the Following:
Fast Food, Gay Bars, Comic Book Store, Log Into World of Warcraft, Pay With a Coupon, Suggest a Horror Movie, Get Trashed, Talk About Grindr, Growlr, or Scruff, or anything else completely inappropriate for a romantic evening!

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Monday Morning Dance Party: Klischée "Tiquette"

You will be jumping in your seats to Klischée's wonderful electro-swing track "Tiquette." I wish I lived in Switzerland so I could see these guys perform on a regular basis! Look for their new album Touché being released on Valentine's Day!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gay Comic Geek Reviews: Artifice - Gay Sci-Fi Graphic Novel!

Our beloved Gay Comic Geek is back! This time reviewing gay sci-fi graphic novel Artifice.  If you haven't subscribed to his YouTube channel, you probably should!

The gist of the story is...Deacon, a prototype android soldier, was ordered by his corporate masters to eliminate a team of scientists who knew too much and he has failed spectacularly. Not only did he let one of his targets live, but he fell in love with 19-year-old human outcast, Jeff Linnell. Deacon attacked the team sent to retrieve him. Now the Corporation demands answers and they have employed the brilliant and ruthless robopsychologist Clarice Maven to get them.

Artifice is written by Alex Woolfson and illustrated by Winona Nelson and The Advocate named it one of the Top 5 LGBT Graphic Novels of 2013. You can read a good portion of it online HERE, but if you really like it, buy a physical copy!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

AdamMaleBlog Exlcusive Podcast: Treklenburg!!

AdamMaleBlog is completely thrilled to bring you our new exclusive podcast: Treklenburg! Hosts Michael Earle and Molly Jay hilariously talk all things Star Trek. In this episode, love is in the air just in time for Valentine's Day. Michael and Molly discuss their favorite weddings, getting busy on Risa, Minuet, worst couples, Picard's naughty bathing suit/mid thigh robe, and so much more in this hour long show! Die hard trekkie and casual fan alike will absolutely adore this podcast. We dare you not to laugh.

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Sex Toy of the Month: January 2014!

January's Sex Toy of the Month is AdamMale's Cyberskin Ass Stroker! The most versatile lover you’ll ever need! Give or receive to satiate your cravings with never a complaint! Lube up the 7” long lifelike Cyberskin cock for balls deep backdoor pleasuring with nearly a 2” ass-expanding width. Or lube up your own Johnson to slide into the tight, thickly ribbed ass opening. Ribbed interior mimics the real life sensation of slipping past an actual sphincter muscle! For added suction on your manhood, place your finger over the opposing exit hole. Either giving or receiving, the pleasure is all yours!

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