Sunday, May 24, 2015

All Girl, All Gay Band Sick of Sarah to Release "Anthem" EP June 30th!

Hands down, Sick of Sarah is the best all girl rock band in the country right now. Of course, the fact that their current line up is all gay makes everything so much more awesome for the LGBT community. For the first time in their decade long career, they are self-releasing their music. New EP Anthem is due out on June 30th. Honestly, I wish more artists would start doing this. I would much rather they keep the lion's share of the funds they generate from their labor of love rather than some label which uses artists solely as a means to potentially make money.

Take a listen to preview rockin' tracks "Rooftops" and "Blind." They more than prove that the Anthem EP is worth purchasing when it comes out! Also, be sure watch their YouTube tour diary. It's pretty entertaining.

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